Unintended Product Purchases

Cheap Product Sold As Expensive

Sales Pressure During Signing

Spread out Signing Ceremony

Mandatory Options

Forced Add-Ons With No Value

Purchased Vehicle with Shipping Damage

No Federal Window Sticker on Window at Time of Transaction

High Interest Rate Loan

High Finance Fees

Expensive Over Insurance

Banks, Lease and Finance Companies Permit Overcharging

Loss of Rebate

Pay Phony Fee

Hidden Bank Fees

Unconscionable Contracts

Product Misrepresentation

Purchased Product Not Installed

Payment Misrepresentation

Packing Monthly Payments

Yo-Yo Sales Financing

Odometer Fraud

Undisclosed Flood Damage

Deceptive Sales tactics

Buyer’s Waiver of Legal Protections

Negligent Misrepresentation

Emotional Distress and Other Intangible Harm

Attorneys Fees

Selling Used As New

Denial of Federal Statutory Rights