Researched Lowest Price

You Want The Researched Absolute Lowest Price Money Back Guarantee.

We achieve prices for people like you lower than anybody else. We accomplish this by doing something no one else was doing, working only for the consumer. We consistently got the lowest prices through intelligent application of information and receiving no compensation from the seller. This gave freedom to work with everyone, everywhere.

You The Buyer are in Charge.

It was a novel American experience; you hired us to work for you. The dealer could not see what color you were or what else was in your driveway. We offered a privacy you never had before. Your identity was revealed after we had done the research and negotiation on your behalf.  Upon identifying the one car for you, we  arranged it with a signed contract in your name.

AutoAdvisor Inc. was the first business in the U.S.A. to put  accurate automotive information about every model in the hands of everyone in 50 states. In July 1977 we started to educate and support  individual stand alone buyers with information and strategies like they never had. Individuals achieved the victory of Absolute Lowest Price and  knew it. The empowerment and satisfaction was profound.

Unsafe and Overpriced Still

In 1984 we began our automobile acquisition service for buyer’s via telephone and fax. AutoAdvisor’s Buyer’s Service went nationwide a year later. Researching to locate and guarantee the exact automobile nationwide to your locale for the Absolute Lowest Price. Like your attorney or accountant we only accept money from our clients. Our charges were kept to a fraction of the sale and based completely on time and labor never purchase price. Our Researched Lowest Price Guarantee stood nationwide. We knew the Absolute Lowest Price for a fact. Many national TV and radio news people and newspapers quoted our research and harnessed our facts.

During the 1980’s we computerized. In 1994 we became and went worldwide via the Internet. Majority of buyers still pay way too much. Overcharging for sales and service have been overwhelming.  Our knowledge creates surprising opportunity for savings in places and ways you have not considered.

In 2014 we stopped our automobile acquisition service for buyer’s.

We continue  research, building knowledge for lower, middle and upper class individuals needing to save money and substantially increase value. 

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