On a Mission

“We’re on a Mission from God”

Elwood Blues

Our Mission: Stop Over Priced Ripoff on Technical Transactions Before it Happens.

Support For You

After 50 years automobiles & trucks remain Top Consumer Complaints by the Better Business Bureau & States Attorney General’s office.

Enjoying the Mission

AutoAdvisor opened in 1977 to stop cruel, harmful overcharging and misrepresentation. Sellers use techniques that bypass your awareness with micro behavioral targeting. Dealer pressure is relentless. AutoAdvisor DoubleChecks and champions you during your transaction.

AutoAdvisor‘s consistent study is: The Absolute Lowest Price. In doing so we spot discrimination along the way. Expert dealers discriminate against occasional buyers to make higher profits. A good salesperson discriminates equally between the rich and the poor. Overcharging appears reasonable, most buyers never know.

AutoAdvisor Increases Value

AutoAdvisor est:1977

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