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Save for What’s Important

Dealers Pressure You to Take Advantage. Overcharging Thousands of Dollars is Normal. Misrepresentation, fraud, false advertising, predatory lending, undervalued trade-in and excessive fees are expected when buying or leasing a car or truck. Criminal behavior is systematic.

Stop Trouble with AutoAdvisor We listen carefully. 42 years of Pro-Consumer care. We guide you through your purchase on buy day with our proven Timeline. Price is important. Using your Smartphone we double check your documents for honesty, accuracy and more. You receive answers and encouragement that save your money, in the dealer.

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Prior customers have saved thousands of dollars. Stay in charge of your responsibilities. All dealers apply pressure with micro behavioral targeting and more. Defeat Systematic Pressure, Comfortably. Stop overcharging, overspending and excessive compromise in the dealer. uses our proven Timeline for thinking clearly and geting the most savings in every aspect while in the dealer.

In Control

Positive Instant counseling keeps you away from trouble. Each person’s own needs and expectations are respected. Answers to protect your civil rights, save money, and increase your ease in the dealer.

Buy Genuine Protection Against Overcharging

Ripoff Rescue Care

  1. Instant Access To Your Inspector While Your In The Dealer. Information,Guidance and Help All the Way Through.
  2. We Review Agreements and Assumptions. Something missing?
  3. Individual Pricing Accurate? Totals Accurate?
  4. We report Overcharging, Fraud and Misrepresentation directly to you.
  5. Smartphone Ability stops document alteration.
  6. Empathetic expert for the knowledgeable or novice.
  7. Double Checks for: hidden money, Market Price, Recalls,VIN Damage.

Now You Have A Friendly Expert in The Automobile Business – Whatever Your Situation or Pressure, We Are With You since 1977.

Know your prices are proper. Know you did not overpay. Know you got what you wanted. Know you have a clean deal at your lowest price

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Ripoff Rescue Care : $387… Complete.

Call the Hotline : 800-326-1976

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Plan Ahead for Good Benefits.

  • Simply; How to Get the Least Expensive Loans.
  • Simply; How to Find Defects and Damage First.
  • Simply; How to Get the Best Auto Insurance.
  • Simply; How to Know You’re a Getting Top Dollar Trade-In.

START NOW…Get Genuine Protection Against Overcharging

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Trusted & Secure Checkout

Ripoff Rescue Care : $387… Complete.

Call the Hotline : 800-326-1976

Good News Ahead

We are Fast to understand your situation. You receive Listening, Collaboration, and Mentoring. Fast answers that save you from fraud, misconduct and misrepresentation.

ENJOY Your Purchase MORE

You might have seen Ashly, over the years, on the Oprah Winfrey Show matching individual drivers with their vehicles – or on CNBC, or CNN or on the CGTNetwork. Maybe you bought from the list of’s original 10 Best Cars List in Money and Smart Money magazines. Bankable information all for the buyer’s benefit.

Have AutoAdvisor Ensure a Better Quality, High Value Transaction.

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