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We Stop Price Rip Off and Misrepresentation: Throughout Purchase

Get Our Independent DoubleCheck. Novice to Knowledgeable: Answers, Positive Support and Satisfaction.

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You Have Rights….Enjoy Justice

All Dealers Push to Take Advantage

Open Investigations

News Reporters, Consumers and Governments are constantly catching criminal behavior by automakers, dealers, financial institutions and more. Executives are going to jail. Sexism, Racism and Ageism rule. Every day there are Thousands of victims. Don’t be one.

Dealers Train to Overcharge. Consumers losing thousands of dollars is common. Misrepresentation, fraud, false advertising, predatory lending, undervalued trade-in, excessive fees and worse are happening during most car or truck transactions. Criminal Behavior is Systematic.

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Save for What’s Important

Switching Salespeople, paperless transaction, electronic desks, digital signatures and busyness are powerful. Difficult decisions, instant finance, instant insurance, instant policies and product decisions that last years. Dealers make it easy and expensive. COVID-19 Pandemic makes it worse for you.

AutoAdvisor is Your Solution

We DoubleCheck your Exact documents. You receive answers that alleviate anxiety and save money. AutoAdvisor listens carefully to your deatails. We are 42 years Pro-Consumer with Deep Knowledge. We guide for your comfort, price and legal rights.

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Our Offices

Clients have saved thousands of dollars. Stay in control of your purchase and responsibilities, nicely. Dealers apply pressure with micro behavioral targeting and plenty more. Defeat Systematic Pressure. Stop overcharging, overspending and consumer compromise.

AutoAdvisor encourages Clear Thinking so You get the Most.

In Control

DoubleCheck :: Keeps You in Control.

Stay Away From Expensive Mistakes. AutoAdvisor’s DoubleCheck Inspection/Review stops illegal document alteration. We check individual and total prices. We review your contract, agreements and assumptions; alerting you to overcharging, fraud and misrepresentation. Small print restricts your right to complain and receive money for damage. Our Service is Unequaled.

Now, You Have An Expert in The Automobile Business

Have AutoAdvisor Ensure a Better Transaction

  • Exclusive
  • Know you did not overpay.
  • Know your prices are proper.
  • Know you got what you wanted.
  • Know you have a clean deal at your lowest price

Before You Sign to; Buy–Loan–Lease a New–Used–Car–Truck…. Before You Sign to; Buy–Loan–Lease a New–Used–Car–Truck….Before You Sign to; Buy–Loan–Lease a New–Used–Car–Truck….

DoubleCheck Inspection/Review

Includes ::

⦁ Sales Contract Terms ⦁ Maintenance Contract Terms ⦁ Financial Contract Terms ⦁ Lease Contract Terms ⦁ Extended Warranty Contract Terms ⦁ Document Preservation ⦁ Line Item Prices ⦁Government Fees ⦁ Non-government Fees ⦁ Totals ⦁ Options Verified ⦁ Add-Ons Verified ⦁ Flood Damage ⦁ Crash Damage Check ⦁ New Recalls

You Receive ::

⦁ Unsurpassed Client Care
⦁ Instant access to your Inspector
⦁ Verbal and Print Report with Q&A
⦁ Inspecting Your Truck or Car for Defects and Damage
⦁ Civil Rights Respected and Preserved
⦁ Positive Choices
⦁ Solutions For Satisfaction And Money Savings
⦁ Instant Justice


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Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back

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À La Cart :: Your Topic, Your Way

Less Than Half the Price of an Attorney. Less Than the Price of a Mechanic. Ask Hard Questions Answered Concisely. Are the Fees Illegal? Can I Get an Option Removed? Is This Maintenance Contract Worthwhile? Is the Tire and Wheel Contract a Ripoff? Do I have a good price? Is there another one for less?

À La Cart :: Buy The Hour… $120

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Good News Awaits

We are Fast to understand your situation. You receive Listening, Collaboration, and Mentoring. Fast answers that save you from fraud, misconduct and misrepresentation.

“We Think Pretty Highly of Him…He is Providing a Good Service”

Slade Gorton; Washington Attorney General
ENJOY Your Purchase MORE

You might have seen Ashly, over the years, on the Oprah Winfrey Show matching individual drivers with their vehicles – or on CNBC, or CNN or on the CGTNetwork. Maybe you bought from the list of AutoAdvisor.com’s original 10 Best Cars List in Money and Smart Money magazines. Bankable information for the buyer’s benefit.

Have AutoAdvisor Ensure a Better Transaction.

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