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Everybody Knows Dealers Take Advantage Overcharging is the new normal. Misrepresentation, fraud, false advertising, predatory lending, undervalued trade-in and excessive fees are expected when buying or leasing a car or truck. Criminal behavior is systematic. Buyer Beware. Consumer Attorneys spend tens of thousands of your dollars and years of time trying to correct what went wrong In The Dealer. has 42 years national of Pro-Consumer care. We listen carefully. We guide you through your complete purchase in a proven order. Call before or In The Dealer. Using your Smartphone we double check all your documents for honesty and accuracy. You receive answers that save your money In The Dealer.

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Savings of more than $2000 are common. Stay in charge of your responsibilities. All dealers apply pressure. Defeat systematic pressure, comfortably. Stop overcharging, overspending and excessive compromise In The Dealer.

Positive counseling with an understanding transaction expert keeps you away from trouble. Answers to protect your rights, save money, and increase your ease, before you sign a final contracts, In The Dealer. uses a proven Procedural Timeline to accomplish the most savings in each aspect of your transaction In The Dealer.

Call Early In The Day – Time Is Limited – or – Call Last Minute Before You Sign

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Whatever Your Situation or Pressure We Are With You As Needed. AutoAdvisor Call to 800-326-1976

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We read, review agreements and assumptions. Is Each Price correct? Are Totals Accurate? Damaging add ons, Is Something Missing?


Misrepresentation, Fraud, Unnecessary document signing, Missing money you deserve, Aggressive behavior, Overcharging, Missing features, Excessive data collection, Forced options, Omissions

Featured Benefit: Quick Access to Your Dedicated Automotive Transaction Counselor

Smartphone Service – -Pro Consumer Protection in Hand. AutoAdvisor reads your contracts, Before You Sign. Telephone,Text and Email gives you control.

Subtotals &Totals Correct – – Overcharging Is Now Normal in Car/Truck Sales.

Itemized Pricing Verification – – AutoAdvisor reviews the itemized numbers for accuracy and overcharging.

Empathetic Expertise – – Novice or Knowledgeable, We give you choices like you never knew. Choices with your values in mind.

Polite Counselor – – A Friendly Expert Mentoring You. We listen, focus on your exact situation. What’s bad, what’s good, and how to get better.

Vehicle Market Price Check – – Overcharging? Is the make, model and features you want nearby for less money?

Rebate & Hidden Money Check – – All cars and trucks have hidden money available to the buyer.

Recall Check – – New cars and trucks have Defect Recalls too, before they are sold!

VIN Check – – Wrecked new cars and trucks can still be fixed and sold as new. Is yours one?

Forced Options – – Professional sellers will tell you things you Must Buy. Untrue.

Warrantees & Add-Ons – – AutoAdvisor explaines the True Worth and value of your exact offers.

Etiquette & Emotions – – Transactions are deliberately emotional for the occasional buyer. Seller’s keep you ill at ease. Sellers take advantage with trained know how. has Good Thoughts and Words for your comfort and control In The Dealer

Good News Ahead

We are Fast to understand your situation. You receive Listening, Collaboration, and Mentoring. Fast answers that save you from fraud, misconduct and misrepresentation.

Plan Ahead- Get 5 Extra Benefits.

  • Simply: How You Lock in Your Price Before You Go To The Dealer
  • Simply; How and Where to Find Defects and Damage by Observation.
  • Simply; How to Find the Least Expensive Loans from the Comfort of Your Easy Chair.
  • Simply; How to Find Your Best Auto Insurance From the Comfort of Your Easy Chair.
  • Simply; How to Know You’re Getting Top Dollar for your Trade-In.

ENJOY Your Purchase MORE

You might have seen Ashly, over the years, on the Oprah Winfrey Show matching individual drivers with their vehicles – or on CNBC, or CNN or on the CGTNetwork. Maybe you bought from the list of’s original 10 Best Cars List in Money and Smart Money magazines. Bankable information all for the buyer’s benefit.