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Understanding the emotions of automobile ownership and maintenance from the highs to the financial lows is important  Price discrimination is still legal and hurts.  Overcharging is rampant.  Ageism, racism and sexism continue to plague the automobile business and you.

Getting the right automobile for the best value is a must. Technology and prices are too much.  Most owners don’t use all the features and most dealers charge too much for what you don’t want; Forced Options. You actually  have more freedom of choice than you imagine.

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Most Americans have a bad or unsafe passenger vehicle for too high a price.  They don’t know it’s a bad value.  Don’t over buy as all advertising suggests.  Don’t under buy and settle with disappointment.  Our Experts have quelled  dissonance to stop transportation anxiety for decades.

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Positive Assistance with Caring Support Specifically for YOU

This is Capitalism and you are in Charge.  Knowledge is the key to substantially increasing your long term satisfaction.   Have transportation the way you want it by your design.


Soon you will be able to interact with many different automotive experts. Communicate directly how and when you want. Mature considerate specialists patiently answer questions, solve problems and carry you through your most pressing automobile issue.

Best value is; Accurately your best car + Absolute lowest price = Best Value. Our knowledge will help you before, during or after any transaction. Best value is best achieved planning ahead.

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