Expect New Auto Dealers to have the Highest prices on products. New Dealers are exclusive sellers in their protected area. Expect your selling dealer to make a mathematical mistake. It happens Tens of Thousands of Times a Day.

Sellers expect you to bargain. You’re expected to check everything yourself. Almost nobody reads the fine print and recalculates the numbers. The dealers are discouraging.

New Automobile Dealers making up High prices.
Automobile Dealers Makeup Prices on the Spot

Overpricing is everywhere. Dealers can charge whatever for automotive products. Every single car deal is different. Dealers make up prices as they go along!

One price dealers overcharge too.

Overprice a bit here. Make up price there. Add on subtle miscalculation and you have lost a few thousand dollars. Some take years to find out they’ve been bamboozled. Many never know. More advanced vehicles create more sophisticated transactions. Luxury, exotic and expensive vehicles encourage more overpricing.

Is 1000% profit too high? If you pay for it voluntarily most people would consider that overcharging. If you are lied to during a purchase, that would be fraud.

Overpricing then Overcharging in your contracts is more common than not. Hundreds of options and hundreds of add-ons and accessories all priced differently for every model at every location.

Monthly subscription fees are across the lineups with cars and trucks is common. Dealers and Automakers get a percentage and collect your personal data. They figure how to overcharge you more based on your data. Traditionally optional safety features are usually overpriced when compared to the cost of manufacture.

Rapid technological changes invite rapid price changes. Are you paying too much? Miscalculations usually benefit the seller.

Have AutoAdvisor read and recalculate for you. DoubleChecking numbers with market knowledge and real intelligence. Independent you with your Smartphone at your fingertips to help you pay the correct price

AutoAdvisor Increases Value

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Nobody likes being taken advantage of. You know what it feels like. You probably remember the situation? Sort of like a mental burn. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t been taken advantage of and realized it later.

One out of three times I am overcharged at the supermarket! Sometimes I am able to stop the cashier right there. Other times,there are customers lined up behind pressuring me ahead. In that case I take the receipt to the manager after I paid. The overcharge promptly corrected with cashback. Try that with a car dealer.

I went the same supermarket for years, seldom checking my receipt for accuracy. So one time checking I spot a few dollar overcharge of items that are supposed to be on sale. “The computer did it” the supermarket manager says. Identical to what a car dealer says when caught.

Actually an employee didn’t input in the sale price nationwide yet the product was advertised “2 for 1”. It was a two dollar item, I was charged 100% more! . So how many thousands of people are ripped off by this negligence. The very next day I am overcharged again. Wow! Two times in a row, dollars are involved. Now am getting vigilant! Next time at my local supermarket I am overcharged again! This is outrageous! This financial mistake always benefiting the seller! This is no accident.

Supermarkets continue to overcharge us and the managers consistently correct. This happens to you also. Plus the receipts are deliberately complex. Routine mechanized ripoff happens at automobile dealerships daily too.

On your final contract there will be numbers you don’t understand or came from nowhere. Overcharging? When you ask the dealer for corrections the form may come back unchanged or shifted and put in front of you for signature again.

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