Pro-Consumer Attorneys Have a Greater Sense of Justice than Automobile Salespeople.

If you move quickly have an attorney write a determined letter.

Plus use your inalienable civil right to protest with signs on the public street, back and forth across the driveway of the dealership. Do not block traffic or cause a commotion. Dress nicely. Have a handout accurately explaining your grievance on one page. You can request action of the handout reader like; contact consumer reporters or march with me or purchase elsewhere. Boycott! Boycotts work!

chart demonstrates the majority of US adults believe boycotts work.  A majority of you ass adults say they have participated in business boycotts
Boycotts Work. The Rich Know!

I like to think that most attorneys are competent helpful and caring. If they are a member of the American Bar Association they ought to be. To qualify the lists on the links below, you need to make a few telephone calls and/or emails to attorneys to your considering. First, are they a specialist in consumer Law and then familiar with the local automotive law?

Are they a specialist or do they only want big ticket personal injury cases? How do you like their response to you? Is it respectful and volunteering? Most attorneys or their paralegals will give you a telephone interview at no charge. Yes they are prospecting for new business, qualifying and discriminating the value of your claim. Their response is valuable so pay attention and have a notepad handy.

Answer the law offices questions in the most concise fashion. What questions they ask should interest you. Are they interested, caring or apathetic. Call at least of three law offices. You will absolutely get three different legal opinions at no charge! Follow-through to get justice and satisfaction.

Best Wishes, Good Luck and Tally-Ho!

National Association of Consumer Advocates

Legal Services Corporation

American Bar Association

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