Brokers buy sell and trade all sorts of vehicles to dealers and retail buyers like yourself. In a sense brokers are wildcatters making money every which way. Brokers want a piece of all the action.

Both new and used car dealers, broker. Brokers can offer add-ons like extended warranties, maintenance packages, window etching or tint. Brokers are like independent sales people who sell many brands.

Traditional brokers usually work locally and have a network of prearranged dealers who give low prices. Traditional brokers make the most money from the dealers who control them. Some brokers charge you a fee in addition.

Traditional brokers may be worthwhile because of low prices and convenience offered. Brokers may earn a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per transaction. Our Federal Trade Commission favors brokers creating good and fair competition in the free market.

There are states where the powerful controlling dealers had the legislature outlaw brokering. In those states brokers are paying advertising fees instead. Internet Brokers do little. They are not human. The web broker types are sales funnels pouring you into a dealer offering a seemingly low price.

You are still at the sellers mercy with only the implication of a good deal. So in the end you’re subjecting yourself to the same Hocus-Pocus as if you just walked in a dealership.

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