Buying Revealed

Automobile Buying Revealed

The Law

In 50 states all New automobiles must be sold by Franchised Retail Dealers. Retail Dealers created self-preservation and anti-consumer State laws. For the most part automobile manufacturers cannot sell directly to buyers, but now wish they could. New and Used car dealers drive up individual car prices by thousands of dollars. In turn automakers force dealers to buy more vehicles.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is in favor of good market competition with Buyer’s Agents and Brokers.

The Price

Dept. of Enegery Secretaries Rick Perry & Spencer Abraham pose for me on a GM Junket  Marketing Hydrogen with DOW Chemical stand in front of a hydrogen fuel pump
Dept. of Energy Secretaries Rick Perry & Spencer Abraham pose for me on a GM Junket Marketing Hydrogen with DOW Chemical

Including hidden kickbacks all dealers pay a Different amount for an identical vehicle. Each dealer has different operating expenses too. An identical vehicle may be thousands less at a different dealer, used and new. Shopping Pays.

Your Plan

Research early for safety, reliability and market price. Plan and be prepared. Be ready to pounce on a great price. Knowing ahead of time your money source and the exact product to buy is best for you. Pouncing can get you more product and save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Luck Favors the Well Prepared


Do-It-Yourselfer’s: do not wait till your present vehicle dies. Arrange your loan before hand independently of the seller. Aim for 1 make and model that suits you best. Then become a shopping expert with the confidence of knowing when the pounce.

Instant Answers Here. Get educated by an experienced, honed expert. Helpful coaching, to the point, personalized telephone answers. ‘A la carte Information buys you Quick answers and solutions. Phone; 206-323-1976. Think: Sensei

Buyer’s Agent works exclusively for you. You are in control. Your agent will arrange test drives, guide and assist you through insurance and financing too. Your Buyer’s Agent does all the leg work so you end with a low price on what you want where you want. Think: Loyal Butler.

Broker works for a dealer, usually many dealers. Traditional brokers can also create a pleasant transaction. A nationwide Broker handles new and used cars. Nationwide brokers are like freelance salespeople. The motive to overcharge remains. Think: Restaurant Waiter.


capital letters A inverted in a circle all red
est 1977 reads your contracts, DoubleChecks the pricing and details to Stop Over Charging. Answers Before You Sign, Think: Level Playing Field.


IF you realize you have been ripped off within a couple of days of purchase; Boycott in front of the dealers driveway and showroom. Stay on a public sidewalk. This has proven to be effective. Stay a whole Saturday. Dealer may compromise fast. Think: Parachute

The Case of The Vanishing Wallet

Contact your State Attorney’s General office and Better Business Bureau, ask if there are unresolved complaints against your seller, seek their help. Contact your state’s department that regulates and licenses the dealer you purchased from. Tell your story. Are there unresolved complaints? Can this government department help? Think: Counselor

Go to our ATTORNEY/LAWYER page. Attorneys who specialize work best You are sure to find a local consumer attorney in your state. Promptly, have a local attorney write a demand letter citing misrepresentation, fraud or overcharging. Your attorney may have savvy to be very effective. Think: Restitution

Time Is Your Tool

Make Time work for you. Time is a tactic. Time is your friend, if you know how to use it? Time can make you money to improve your position. Planning long ahead will give you the best result. Time is under your control. Car prices change monthly. The cost to borrow money is always changing too. Starting a year ahead creates a better chance to research and pick a better model for a better price. Think: Luck Favors the Well Prepared

AutoAdvisor Increases Value

AutoAdvisor est:1977


It used to be that the cost of something was related to materials and labor. Around a century ago you had a gosh darn good idea of what it costs in material and labor to create a horseshoe or wagon wheel. Most technology you used you could make yourself. Most of our population lived in the country.

Modern complexities started to come on around our Civil War. Technological complexities that made life faster with more decisions and choices. Complexities like; the steam engine the transcontinental railroad, telegraph, ticker tape, electricity generation, electric motor, electric light, telephone, gasoline engine,airplanes, recorded music and voice, movies and radio to to mention a few.

As we depended on a greater volume of bewildering technology, good capitalists began to charge disproportionately more. Higher profit is hidden in complexity.

During the purchase of your vehicle you will be offered protection or insurance policies for different parts of your car. These extra policies come with complex contracts most dealers will not give or show you during the sale. The salesperson only gives you a brochure pointing out the benefits which you then approve and say yes to. Here’s the trick: the actual contract which they used to show you, must have in bigger print what is not covered.

So when the Federal Trade Commission forced big print honesty on the contract for the buyer, the seller’s sidestepped with an attractive brochure and the tricky contract later.

Some Policies and Add-ons May be a Good Value


After specializing in, and studying private vehicle transactions in detail with both buyers and sellers for over 40 years I remain astounded at dealer and automaker control of auto writers, reporters, producers and news editors across all forms of media. My astonishment continues with the powerful control dealers have over state government and local media. News editors are controlled by advertising managers. Therefore unknowing consumers receive poorly researched, antiquated,untested information that plays you right into the sellers hands.

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