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An Automobile Buyer’s Agent work exclusively for you and never takes compensation in any fashion from automobile dealers or sellers.

Important Differentiation: a Buyer’s Agent never takes any money to deposit or purchase an automobile. The buyer pays and purchases directly from the seller, thereby receives all retail benefits, guarantees,warranties and rebates. Buyer’s Agents are paid separately for their exact knowledge and time assisting you exclusively.

Buyer’s Agents will not sell your used car or trade-in for top dollar. A Buyer’s Agent does not have a car lot, does not buy, lease or finance cars, does not sell cars, does not take trade-ins. A Buyer’s Agent does not sell add-ons like extended warranties, mechanical insurance or other goodies. A Buyer’s Agent stands independent of all retail sales. They will arrange for you to sell it and receive cash directly.

A Buyer’s Agent has expertise in the details of complex and expensive vehicle transactions. Transactions may take months with a custom order or a few days. A Buyer’s Agent does every single thing possible to save you every single penny while you are getting exactly what you want. A Buyer’s Agent does not have their hand in the pot.

Different Buyer’s Agents have different expertise. Some are experts in big family vehicles, new trucks and trailering or classic and exotic. A buyer’s agent is more like an accountant or attorney who is completely on your side to benefit you in all ways possible.

An Automobile Buyer’s Agent is the only business that has the ability to control your sale from beginning to end. A Buyer’s Agent can work with all dealers in 50 states. Some work worldwide particularly for collectibles or exotic cars.

Make sure it is clearly stated on a Buyer’s Agent website that they do not accept any compensation from dealers or sellers. If they accept compensation from a seller then they are a Broker and not to be trusted.

A truck or automobile Purchase new or used starts at around $500. Whether it be a Ford or Ferrari the effort to assemble the purchase takes approximately the same effort. The more expensive car buyer will expect more time. Locating special used or new cars takes more time. So fees will adjust appropriately. Traditionally a Buyer’s Agent will show you all hidden paperwork and all costs. Automobile Buyer’s Agent are more revealing and transparent than brokers or dealers.

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