There are no words for how horrible discrimination truly is. Discrimination is a terrible type of oppression. Discrimination creates a greater burden on all people. Discrimination is a crushing weight on the people of the United States who are working hard to end it.


There are many types of discrimination. Laws vary from state to state and county to county. Sadly many types of discrimination are legal. Racism, sexism and ageism are common in automobile sales. Too often the end result is a higher price than a tall middle-aged, well spoken, white man.

Professional salespeople know the term “Qualify”. Automobile sales people are supposed to qualify you ASAP. Salespeople start asking all sorts of questions. Like; What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Married? Children? The questions are part of qualifying which may begin with how you look or act.

Qualifying is designed to learn your weak points and use your information to their advantage. Psychology to gain as much money from you, the buyer as possible.

Salespeople develop a routine approach to find anybody’s weaknesses, rational or irrational. Commissioned salespeople remain the most popular way to transact business because they pull more money from customers. Salespeople help everybody pay more.

Studies of discrimination usually use middle-aged white men as the standard. Tall middle-aged white men are usually able to get lower prices than white women or any persons of color.

At AutoAdvisor.com our studies indicate: The majority of white men are paying too much along with others paying even more. The automobile industry is predominantly run and operated by white men using the successful old Hull-Dobbs pressure sales system.

There is a fine line between qualifying and discrimination. The idea of qualifying is easy; is the person you’re communicating with able to buy an automobile? Are they going to buy it soon? Most salespeople come across as clumsy or rude during the qualifying process. Most salespeople are poorly trained to qualify because of their high rate of turnover.

If You Believe You Are Being Discriminated against in Your Automobile Transaction We Want to Know. If we believe you’re being discriminated against in your automobile transaction we will let you know. A solution may be quick. Besides we will help you get in touch with appropriate legal authorities.

Use our; DoubleCheck Inspection. During our conversations and while studying your paperwork we may spot something not quite right. You may have a question about something out of the ordinary. Automobile dealers want you to feel special and positive during your personalized transaction. The more the dealer knows about you the more they can sell you.

Unfair Driving

Sorry Truth

February 1991 was a landmark for car and truck buyers. A study by Ian Ayers published in the Harvard Law Review clearly demonstrated and showed discrimination. “Fair driving: Gender and Race Discrimination in Retail Car Negotiations” sent a profound ripple of fear through dealers.

Here’s a surprise from Mr. Ayers research: “…moreover, the study reveals that testers of different races and genders are subjected to several forms of nonprice discrimination. Specifically testers were systematically steered to salespeople of their own race and gender and were asked different questions and told about different qualities of the car.”

“The data thus paints a clear picture: sellers steered testers to salespeople of their own race and gender, who then proceeded to give them the worst deal”

“The Article concludes by considering the need for legal reform” wrote Ian Ayres.

Oh and one more point he stated: “The pattern of discrimination uncovered in this Article also create an opportunity for different kind of competitive response: entrepreneurs might profitably offer to negotiate on behalf of consumers who might otherwise be forced to pay high markups. This study suggest for example, that a white male consumer would have a competitive advantage in attaining a lower offer. Several types of transaction costs, however, inhibit the viability of such negotiation services. Consumers may not know the extent to which they have been subjected to high markups. Entrepreneurs attempting to market their negotiation services may have a hard time credibly communicating both that a problem exists and that their service provides a solution. After all, a consumer using or service would have difficulty justifying that he or she is receiving a competitive price”

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