Some people get so mad about buying a car, they just don’t. They are fed up. Dealers tactics scare away consumers all the time. Hopeless individuals know their walking into a dastardly situation.

Your determined to get a car and save money. The dealer is determined to sell you and make the most money. You will be introduced to a specialist who does this thousands of times a year, many times a day, getting a percentage.

Let’s cut to the quick: The sales situation is deliberately nerve-racking to get the better of you. You haven’t been in this situation. People are unfamiliar. Are you uncomfortable? You know what the salesperson’s motive is.

All dealers have a sales process. No two are identical. Car and truck lending and sales are unmonitored and unregulated. Sexism, racism, ageism and other terrible behavior happens in car sales. Prices are made up! Car buying is made to be emotional, by sellers.

It’s a draining journey loaded with expensive decisions you will live with for years. You’re in the “Closing Room” when they push for your signature. The closing room where most lawsuits and damage originates.

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