AutoAdvisor.Inc was founded in 1977 during a decade of pro-consumerism in which the   Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began.  Data like never before was now available.

Avoiding Extinction of Life on Earth
Decreasing facial disfigurement, quadriplegia, paraplegia and a lot of psychiatry.

AutoAdvisor Inc. was formed to help all people by generating information, research and techniques to increase safety, reliability and save money on passenger car and truck ownership while getting more of what you want.

In a few years our consulting went nationwide offering personalized information to have  what you like and what’s best for your situation Our experts were available over the telephone to individuals for a low price. Our experts add comfort with secure knowledge to walk you through any aspect of purchase, long life ownership, financing, leasing, liquidation, insurance, repair, ripoff, legal referral, medical referral besides anything else you might want.

Telephone in Comfort. Quench Your Anxiety

We were called by individuals in the sales booth at car dealerships to repair shops to crash scenes each demanding accurate information fast. AutoAdvisor responded quickly.

For decades we’ve sampled and studied the new & used models, toured factories, assembly plants met with the builders and designers of the world’s motor vehicles bringing this intelligence to you in a usable fashion

Assembly Workers being trained by engineers
Humans Still do the Majority of Assembly

Our information and original research is so accurate we grew by word-of-mouth. Our clients were demanding our service to do complete transactions from start to finish for a flat fee no matter what the car price. We know it’s as easy to order and negotiate a Toyota as it is a Rolls-Royce so we set up the first Automobile Buyer’s Service and charged a flat fee.

AutoAdvisor’s Buyer’s Service was unique; our clients remained anonymous, we took no money or compensation from car dealers in any way. No other business offered any make or model of automobile or truck anywhere in the 50 states researched to be at the absolute lowest price with a money back guarantee. We remain proud.

Our research allowed us to guarantee the “Absolute Lowest Price” or your money back. That was the fun of it. We developed a method and a routine to consistently produce the absolute lowest price. So we could teach you to fish via our consulting and information service or we could catch the one perfect fish for your consumption..

The media has been good to us. For over a decade Money Magazine and Smart Money used our information as the last word on pricing. We have had write ups in many national magazines. Our clients see us on national television news and lifestyle shows like Oprah  and others besides hearing us on radio.

Early on the Internet in 1994, what we did by telephone & fax we began to do in concert with the World Wide Web. we became AutoAdvisor.com.  We always believe in personal work so the telephone remains our currency of best understanding in. In 2014 we curtailed our Buyer’s Service because we believe it’s better to give you the complete tools for an enjoyable fishing experience.

Soon we will offer a new level of personal experience, unlike anything available.

Best Wishes, Ashly Knapp, founder

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