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You are searching to find the best and learn something new. The ABOUT page is where I go after the front page. I read them both. Don’t you want to know where the website is coming from? Is there a genuine heartfelt motive? Friend or foe? Information or product sales? Genuine, authentic and original is what you’ll find here.

AutoAdvisor is a specifically designed Pro-Consumer business that developes original tactics to manipulate dealers for buyers. We are not a one trick pony repentant car dealer publishing the latest. We are not inexperienced writers publishing hearsay articles about how to buy a car that won’t upset the advertisers.

AutoAdvisor’s experience is a deep and broad. Our well educated clients have taught us many improvisational, guerrilla tactics that are dynamite adding to our original work. Our professional full-time, well researched negotiators suck bankable information from dealer management we could use for our clients continuously. We became a factory of consumer goodness.

AutoAdvisor opened its doors in 1977 as the first Automotive Consulting and Buyer’s Service in the United States. There was no listing for Automotive Consulting at that time in the now antiquated Yellow Pages. Our original telephone number 206-323-1976 has been the same for 42 years. After the telephone monopoly was broken in 1985 we got one of the early 800 numbers; 800-326-1976. Before cell phones you could pick up any payphone everywhere and 50 states and dial us without a coin. This high-tech customer service in the last century.

Personal Nationwide Service is our focus. You need to be exclusive to create the lowest price. In 1986 we purchased some of the first computer fax cards. In the middle of the night when rates were cheapest we automatically searched for vehicles and prices.

Working 100% for our clients we were able to work with 100% of the dealers in our 50 United States. We developed a system that could guarantee the absolute lowest price of any make, any model, anywhere in the United States. State governments investigated us and all the national magazines checked us out. A few of the financial magazines did blind comparative tests.

Money Magazine used our research regularly from 1988. The Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine featured us in their premier 1992 issue. We worked for both financial magazines well into the new century. We supplied insight,market data and independent pricing data. Only to benefit the individual consumer.

In 1979 The American Automobile Association hired us to write a monthly column. In no time we were writing articles, doing research for print, radio and television nationwide. I was delighted to be given weekly radio and television shows on network affiliates.

A forward thinking computer scientist who worked for AutoAdvisor in 1989 foretold of coming computer technology that would change the world. It sounded terrific yet difficult to comprehend. Originating right here in the US sending a ripple round the world. The words, Internet and World Wide Web were not in our vocabulary yet. went live with our first website in 1994. As time passed so did sophistication and automation. At the beginning of the new century our capacity grew because of computers via networking could handle so much.

So to repeat in 1977 AutoAdvisor opened to support and educate consumers. In 1979, Jean Swenson and I became regularly published automobile writers. There was no competition for our husband-and-wife automotive writing team publishing fair-minded articles considering both sexes.

As automobile writers we have access to the number one executive, to the proving grounds, private racetracks, factories and assembly plants, design studios, designers, engineers, racing drivers and every type of character you could imagine it takes to assemble an automobile. All the automakers gave us two different new cars delivered to our home with a full tank of gas weekly. All travel expenses paid to an exotic location at four star hotels and five-star restaurants for test driving hand built cars before mass production. A good review is the expected compensation.

Exclusive Mercedes Briefing for the Handpicked Press

After a few decades of free cars I couldn’t take it anymore. Nobody would publish our reviews of bad cars. We stop accepting automaker graft over a decade ago to deep dive into the ultra sophisticated world of retail car sales exclusively what happens at the dealership.

Before AutoAdvisor only brokers existed who were paid and controlled by the car dealer. Our flat rate service was the first to offer a technological and psychological assessment of your situation then make precise vehicle and option recommendations. Much like a tailor helps you pick a material then fits a suit. We arranged your test drives. Guided your choices based on your priorities and finally orchestrated the complete transaction without raising your blood pressure.

Now everybody wants to get into the act. There are old-fashioned local brokers and new fashioned national brokers all over. There are a number of quality independent Buyer’s Services that work exclusively for the buyer. Dealers and brokers want you to confuse the two .Do not confuse the two

Millions of people go to the Internet daily for car buying information to make a better choice and avoid ripoff. Many study up to become temporary experts. Closing the sale on an automobile has become a sophisticated art that usually requires about 17 signatures and initials. The customers are led and controlled along the way with micro-behavioral targeting. Automobile advertising grooms you.

So many buyers rehearsed plans fall apart during the closing process. Salespeople, particularly Closers are experts at financial emotional interrogation. More time is spent in a sophisticated, psychological arena called the “Closing Room” or “Box” or “Magic Room” than a decade ago.

Too many folks spend more time in the dealership than they’d planned. Too many spend more money than they had planned. Too many are not exactly sure what they purchased. Too many are fraudulently overcharged. Frankly I think it’s difficult to transact an automobile without some kind of misrepresentation going on.

The Smartphone Pro-Consumer revolution has begun. Now here’s an idea you’re sure to like; photograph anything you are expected to sign or initial, front and back so it’s readable and send it to us. At least keep it for your own protection.

The whole auto industry is now focusing on the financial success of the closing room. It’s like sunlight through a magnifying glass focusing on an ant. Now they’ve got you where they want you with no outside influence.

‘Not Anymore, Not Anymore.’ You’re Not Alone Anymore with AutoAdvisor and your Smartphone on ‘Buy Day’ and in the Closing Room. Working exclusively to uphold your best interests and outcome.

Who else offers such a service and care?

Or In Other Words

As a child the bicycle gave me independence that was fantastic. In adolescence a passion for automobiles grew. Low, sleek, fast, light and windswept was my taste. Greater independence was my goal. Reading and studying everything possible relative to automobiles was a thrill.

It wasn’t a thrill finding out all the physical damage automobiles caused. It was also sad to hear about all the financial damage resulting from personal transportation.

It was not a thrill to learn the history of automakers working hard to ruin public transportation routes of trolleys and buses. It was not a thrill to learn about the powerful control automakers and dealers have on our media. Automotive advertisers and others have strong control of electronic media. Automotive retailers have powerful control in all state governments.

When automakers lie to millions of people about fuel economy or pollution or safety most professional auto writers completely avoids the issue. It is business, economic and health reporters that cover these major stories. They are covered in a weak fashion. Automobile writers are deliberately kept away from automobile dealerships.

Working with local, national and international, print, radio and television for many decades I understand and know how our media keeps you ignorant. Mass media appeals to our emotions, advertises to the point of brainwashing, distracting you from your most important issues while conditioning you to pay too much for what is wasteful and soon to be obsolete. Not by accident.

Yes I still love cars and bicycles and all vehicles that have the ability to transport us and our thoughts. Transporting and sharing with others is powerful good. Can you walk? Can you bicycle? Must you drive? We love and depend on our cars and loved driving them. is about you staying in control of your transportation. Automobiles absorb a tremendous amount of time and money. It’s the most expensive item most Americans will ever buy. Plus it’s your most time consuming machine to own.

Chicanery has been part of automobile selling from the start. The technology has always been complex and baffling. The transaction has been stacked against you, legally. Automakers and dealers spend billions to convince and even hammer you to spend past your need or means.

The automobile is the most technological product you will ever buy. These technologies lend themselves to sophisticated overcharging, rampant scams and rip-offs.

In my own life, the first two cars I bought were a fiasco. Back then, in 1970 you did not have public data about what is safe or reliable. I knew little about engineering or technology for comparison shopping. It was before crash tests, safety studies, and price and reliability information. Rumor, Racing and advertising ruled.

The first used-car I saw, I purchased at the price asked without a test drive. My second car was a Triumph. It looked sleek and fast. It turned out to be the sellers triumph and my defeat. I ignorantly lost thousands of dollars then.

The next 7 years I studied automotive technology. It was then I realized dealers and automakers were investing more money in marketing and advertising than they were into research and development. How you perceive a car is more important to the automaker than what the automobile actually is. For example the image of safety is more important to profits than actual safety.

Controversial Traffic Death Thermometer

The automobile has killed and injured more Americans in all wars the United States has engaged in. Please look through your windshield and ask; Where is the War?

In capitalism, we keep casual about these statistics. Local news has at least one crash per broadcast. All traffic reports are mostly crash reports with rubbernecking involved. This is good to keep us desensitized about the true expense and horror of the automobile.

Whenever I speak in front of a live audience I always ask,” please raise your hand if you have been involved, ever in an automobile impact situation”I was shocked the first time I asked when most everybody’s hand went up. Here’s why; 35 million crashes per year in the United States and our population is under 330 million. Odds are you will be in an impact situation in the next 10 years.

Being First Is Not Always Best

Keeping automobiles casual distracts us from demanding more and better. In most states, automotive dealers are big contributors to local politicians. Dealer owners run for office and serve for their own benefit. They bend the state laws in their favor to be anti-consumer, anti-competitive and anti-automaker. The dealers shun new technologies. New car dealerships are an obsolete system of distribution and support.


Dealers are consistently taking away consumer rights and fair competition state by state. Potential buyers have lowered expectations and are less demanding. Time and money is wasted. Consumers are frustrated and insulted.

Automobiles cause financial devastation too. Lending institutions and dealerships are more than happy to help us bite off more than we can chew. What appeared to be an small monthly charge adds up to well over $1000! The cost of a crash may be thousands more than your coverage.

In the 1990’s as the Internet rose so did dealer control, much like they controlled the newspapers. They have also taken over your local television news. The national automotive press is anesthetized by endless payola.

People are happy with their deal , because most have no idea they’ve been overcharged. Often, thousands of dollars are overpaid. Lawyers credit, “The Magic Room” in the dealer and what goes on there. Dealers still use the Hull-Dobbs system to get you.

You are faced with going back and forth on computer and with different people. Taking hours, keeping you waiting. They’ve choreographed theatrical presentation to push you further. They give you ultimatums to extract the most from your wallet, with a smile, of course. They do it 10 times a day and it all seems so natural.

You have done vehicle and purchase research but nobody has explained in detail the systematic pressure routine they will apply to you. You don’t want to miss a good deal. You hope they offer something worthwhile for good deal?

I, Ashly Knapp developed AutoAdvisor to stop overpaying, criminal behavior and ripoff at the source; In the dealer where it happens.

Have double check all the individual prices and totals. Have AutoAdvisor tell you about contractual tricks in the tiny print. Have AutoAdvisor tell you how to get what you want, nicely. We are quick to become your teammate with positive coaching words and thoughts to improve your transaction all around.

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More About

AutoAdvisor.Inc was founded in 1977 during a decade of pro-consumerism in which the   Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began.  Data like never before was now available.

Avoiding Extinction of Life on Earth


Decreasing facial disfigurement, quadriplegia, paraplegia and a lot of psychiatry.

AutoAdvisor was formed to help all people. Generating information, research and techniques to increase safety, reliability and save a lot of money.

In a few years our consulting went nationwide. AutoAdvisor offered personalized information to have  what you like and what’s best for your situation. AutoAdvisor experts are available over the telephone to individuals for a low price.

AutoAdvisor experts add comfort with secure knowledge to walk you through any aspect of the transaction, purchase, long life ownership, financing, leasing, liquidation, insurance, repair, ripoff, legal referral, besides anything else you might need.

Telephone in Comfort. Quench Your Anxiety

We were called by consumers in the sales booth at car dealerships or called about a repair shops or crash scenes each demanding accurate information fast. AutoAdvisor responded quickly. When the national  media needed accurate facts, fast AutoAdvisor was there.

Over Four decades of serving consumers exclusively. We’ve sampled and studied the new & used models, toured factories, assembly plants met with the builders and designers of the world’s motor vehicles bringing this intelligence to you in a usable fashion

Assembly Workers being trained by engineers


Humans Still do the Majority of Assembly

 AutoAdvisor information and original research is so accurate we grew by word-of-mouth. Our clients were demanding AutoAdvisor to do complete transactions from start to finish. We went nationwide with 800-326-1976 and overnight delivery a decade before the computer age. AutoAdvisor worked and cared for consumers exclusively. We charge an economical one time fee no matter what the car price.

We know it’s as easy to order and negotiate a Toyota as it is a Bugatti or Bentley so we set up the first Automobile Buyer’s Service.

AutoAdvisor’s Buyer’s Service was unique; our clients remained anonymous, we took no money or compensation from car dealers in any way. No other business offered any make or model of automobile or truck anywhere in the 50 states researched to be at the absolute lowest price with a money back guarantee. We remain proud.

Our Research allowed us to guarantee the “Absolute Lowest Price” or your money back. That was the fun of it. We developed a method and a routine to consistently produce the absolute lowest price. Or we could teach you How To via our consulting and information service.

The media has been good to us. For over a decade Money Magazine and Smart Money used our information as the last word on pricing. We have had write ups in many national magazines. Our clients see us on national television news and lifestyle shows like Oprah  and others besides hearing us on radio.

Early on the Internet in 1994, what we did by telephone & fax we began to do in concert with the World Wide Web. we became  We always believe in personal work so the telephone remains our currency of best understanding in. In 2014 we began to curtailed our Buyer’s Service.

 We Now offer a new level of personal experience, unlike anything available. AutoAdvisor stops fraud and saves you money exclusively In The Dealer. provides you with convenience and comfort while guiding you through a complex situation comfortably, honorably for you.

Thank You,  Ashly Knapp, founder

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